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Surviving Half a Century in Magic!

Chris North has to be one of the most experienced and professional magicians in the country having presented his magic and illusions in all mediums of the entertainment business from multiple television appearances to major theatres and cruise liners. Chris has been at the top of his game and continues to change and develop his magic to suit current trends. Chris’s latest show started just over a year ago and really was on the heel of a growing trend of Victorian style entertainment, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a Victorian drama in today’s schedules.

It goes to show that Chris really knows what he is talking about. Chris is such a lovely guy and has done more in his career than all of us put together, if you ask him the right questions it could really inspire and push your career forward.  Steve Majes

Marvellous evening and a fascinating insight on the changing times in the ‘biz’. I could have listened to Chris for hours, marvellous stories, anecdotes and wise words too! Thank you so much Mr N, I get so much more out of these talks than I do with ‘standard/teach a trick’ lectures!!! Paul Henri

I wholeheartedly agree
with Paul, a great evening
with a true Pro and great
friend. Mike Wallis

It was an amazing start
to the year, it was
informative and very
interesting even though I
would have been 4 when
you won New Faces! Thank
you Chris for taking the time
to talk about your 50 years
in magic Stephen Bolam
Lecture duration 2 hours with a break

For more information please call

01692 651190 or 07860 368727

or email
A unique and interesting lecture from one of the country’s most enduring
and versatile professionals. 50 years of experience and knowledge including
a question and answer session and a little bit of magic!

Chris North Lecture  - A.C.E.S. Magic Club, Lewes, West Sussex - 12th April 2017

And so, last night in Lewis, we had the opportunity to welcome Chris North to the A.C.E.S. magic club. What followed was a fascinating insight into the working life of one of the hardest, and longest, workers in the field of Magic.Chris's lecture starts when he, as a young man, was taking photos for a living at a holiday camp. This is where he saw the act that inspired him to put down his camera and pick up a wand, which he held onto for the next fifty years, and continues to hold on to today!

Chris took us through the early days, the days of TV only having 3 channels (can you imagine), when 18 million people saw him on New Faces, through to 3-2-1 with Ted Rogers and of course a raucous routine shown on the inimitable Wheel Tappers and Shunters Club. He went on to explain the secret of his success in keeping his show fresh and how to keep it in the public eye. This advice alone is well worth having this lecture! Chris brings with him a projector and screen, a sound system and of course all of the equipment needed to provide not only a great look at some nostalgic pictures, but also some video clips from his successful TV career!

This lecture is not a thinly disguised infomercial for products that are being sold by the lecturer; this is a genuine lecture about a solid 50-year career that has taken Chris around the world; from being a Holiday Camp Photographer to one of the most respected names in the world of Professional Magicians.

I, for one, thoroughly recommend this lecture.

Rick Martyn. Acting Chairman, A.C.E.S. Magic Club, Lewes, West Sussex.